Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Still Pandemic time........but upgrade KnitCrate relationship

 It is time to AMBASSADOR with KnitCrate

I have designed a few times for the yarn box, membership based company. 

Vargas in 2019

Escalera in 2019

Decumani in 2020

Maaret in 2020

Freedays in 2021

It is now quite a list of designs. The most recent Freedays pattern block sweater is an exclusive to KnitCrate. It is sold on the site as a Kit, pattern and yarn. All you do is select the size you want to make and KnitCrate delivers all you need.
Below is the direct link to the Freedays Sweater Kit.


Sunday, July 5, 2020

True - New - Same

While nothing is the SAME any longer, I must say it is TRUE that with my knitting live nothing is NEW. I am as busy knitting as I have always been, and then some.
Patterns on ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/renate-kamm

Besides the commercial side of knitting I do as I always have. I knit for the ones around me, and for myself. With that out of the way, let's just look at the projects that kept me busy knitting. 
Firstly, I made a hoody for Ruben. It's as he always wanted: Mexican Flag colors, no sleeves, cropped length, machine washable yarn.

Before that, made my first top-down yoke sweater. This experiment is for myself. The yarn was from a Guild stash sale. I like everything about it. 

There was a pattern that had the rights reverted back to me in March. I did not have the shawl because I gave it away (as I do a lot). I used the opportunity to make Joycejubilair again, and give it an alternate lace edging. 
Knitpicks Original

New version

I am ready for the 2nd half of this wondrous  year. No one know where this is going!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020, how did I get here?

One of my sisters is turning 70 in a few days and it made me "stoeber" (look through) old photos from when we were children.
First I must say that we are incredibly lucky to have pictures from so long ago. My mother only had one photo from her childhood. My grandmother did not have any, not even one.

We were 6 children in the household and every one of us had a different talent. Mine was always crafting something. My sister drew with a pencil, portraits and other stills. My photo album is illustrated by her drawings. I am looking forward to speak with her on her special day.

Starting with that special event, this year is going to be exciting all the way through. Looking at the release schedule of my knitting patterns, I am hopeful to have made many knitters happy with some easy, some intricate, and some unusual patterns.

The past year included a wedding and the new year will have one too. Nieces and nephews are at the age to get married and I am happy to join all the celebrations.

Just to be a little cautious I have not blogged much in the last 6 month for a very specific reason. I have noticed that some very 'unsavory' websites are tracking my blog, log it, link it, and continually monitor it, AND I DON'T LIKE IT......

I am not giving-up on the idea of intertwining live and knitting on this blog, but I am more cautions now.
There will be less blogging until the trackers give up on me and focus more on other blogs. So, be sure that there will be more in the future.

Happy Knitting

Monday, April 29, 2019

Story: Origins of Truth or Consequences Ruana

True Story:
Years ago, on a cold winter's night, I looked at a sale of 100% cashmere yarn. It was Mongolian cashmere offered at a unbelievable half off price. (BTW, many of my knitting stories start that way.)
The yarn came in many colors and the chore to narrow it done to just a few was really difficult.
After some time, I finally decided to just "Act like I was designing with a specific theme for a magazine" in mind, and Et Voila, the yarn color spoke "We belong together", loudly!

Once the yarn arrived I was was overjoyed. The colors were so true to their on-line images, which is not always the case.
Now the yarn needed to be wound and cashmere in hand is an amazing experience. If you have never felt it, go try it. After that the yarn just waited. It even disappeared back in the box with a rubber band around it for at least a year.
It is winter again. In San Diego this means sunshine until that first cold day, from then on it is cold. There is no Autumn Season. I had completed my Christmas projects of one knitted hat for each of my Nieces and Nephews. A period of me-time was ahead. I remembered the cashmere and pulled it out from the box. I first expanded on the mood board because I needed to define this project more. It needed shape and form.

OK, I thought: I can do this! It looked to me like there is going to be a sweater/coat made from this yarn, with a southwestern look. To stay authentic to that Theme I made sure the collar of this garment will have the shape as the coats that a saw researching the southwestern theme.

It was time to create this new coat closely adhering to the original Theme. Stripes, triangles, shawl collar, long, pockets, but basic. Because I had purchased the yarn years ago, I had one special constraint: the colors needed to be balanced such that I did not run out of yarn!!!

I was so proud of my accomplishment. This sweater gets used all winter long.

Don't go yet, the story has an even greater ending.

 To my surprise, there was an actual call for submissions to a publication called Nomadic Knits. It is a newer kind of knitting pattern print book and e-book publication. For the 3rd issue the theme was Arizona/New Mexico.
I had the idea to just take my design and make it into a ruana. The idea was accepted and now, this April 22, 2019 the book is released. You can make this ruana. The yarn for the pattern is from Arizona, just as colorful, and even contains some cashmere.
The book or e-book can be purchased here:

The yarn already prepared as a kit for 2 sizes can be purchased here:

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Socks are like 'Staples' everybody wears them

In between bigger knitting projects, such as sweaters, cardigans, and even ponchos lately, there is always time to sneak in making a pair of socks.
In the many ways socks can be constructed it is always an adventure to me. Well, I make it an adventure, anyway.
If you want to follow some of them, here are the last 2 sock designs.

Prickly Pear are top down with a basic heel flap socks. The yarn is the very warm Fibre Co. Cumbria fingering weight wool/mohair mix. Yes, you read it right, there is mohair in it to make your feet toasty warm. One of the features, the bottom half of the foot are purl stitches. That makes sure the smooth side is inside the socks, hugging your feet.

These socks are published in the current issue of I like Knitting, available at News Stands everywhere, and Barnes and Noble stores.

In my own ravelry store you will also find a new slip stitch sock pattern. I named them Dotted Ladder Socks. These are top down socks with an integrated heel, so you can make both socks at the same time on a long circular needle.

HAPPY KNITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Laine Issue 7, what's next

Now, 1 week after the Laine Issue 7 release, which features one of my designs at the same time and next to Stephen West and Nancy Marchant, some of the top designers today, everything is back to normal.

But, what is that NEW NORMAL?

Since all my retired life is not even 2 years old, there actually is no NORMAL yet.
It is however extremely funny, I think, that I live in a Neighborhood in San Diego that is called NORMAL HEIGHTS. That is right, it's no joke.

Normal Heights is such great neighborhood, with a little Bank, a Post Office, a Grocer, a Pharmacy, and many Bars, Restaurants, Hair Salons, and Specialty Shops. We have Art, and love Art.

Back to topic, the NEW NORMAL. 
Normally - I think of patterns to knit most everyday.
Normally - I put together knitting ideas and submit them to websites, yarn companies, and publications every week. Some are accepted, YAHHHHH.
So here is the after Laine Issue 7 Release schedule. Since most of the releases are based on 'secret or previously unreleased' designs, I can't show them yet, but the release dates can be shared with some details about the projects.
Nomadic Knits Issue 3, American South West will include my Ranchita Ruana, a stockinette stitch ruana, with a 5 color intarsia design on the back and both fronts. The entire ruana is framed by a sections of all colors - knitted sideways. From that, beginning and ending yarn strands are used for fringe. A most efficient way to do intarsia, where there are many ends to sew in, all of the ends from the sideways stripes are used for the fringe and are part of the final design. Release date is not published yet, but I am guessing April 2019

Knotions.com Special Shawl Issue, will include my Impressionist Fields Shawl. This narrow triangle shaped shawl is special to me. It is made of basic garter stitch, timed increases on both edges, but with additional short rows on just one edge. The amazing-nes of this shawl is that another color is used to knit rectangles vertically into the horizontal fabric. Everything is basic garter stitch, but the resulting fabric will turn heads.  Release date is not published yet, again I am guessing April 2019

KnitCrate Sock Membership program, I have received a skein of color last week that matches the circus theme. That is all I can share at this time. I have already swatched and shown the design to the KnitCrate folks and they loved it. Once the Crate is revealed I will blog about it. Expected release July 2019

Knitpicks Socks Special Collection, Basic socks was the call and my Rosemarie's Socks were the perfect fit. Made up of a 2 color 1-row slip stitch pattern, the socks look marled and complicated, but they are as easy as any basic sock. Release date is July 24, 2019.
I am just now finishing up my pair.

Fiber Seed Yarn Co, Swifties program, Later this year the Fiber Seed Yarn Co is going to send me a skein of yarn, and I have agreed to provide a scarf design tailored for this specific colorway. I am to receive the yarn in April, so expected release might by sometime July/Aug.

Knitpicks Gansey Special Collection, my Gansey knitting tradition researched landed me this acceptance. The Jetty Pullover is packed with tradition all wrapped into one fully reversible, even inside-out reversible, pullover. I am finishing up the pattern this weekend and can't wait to see this pattern modeled and in print. the sample looks extraordinary. Release date is September 4, 2019

KnitCrate Membership program, Later this year knitcrate also contracted with me to design a shawl made form 2 skeins of their yarn. The theme is Peru, that's all I know so far. scheduled release date October 2019

Making Stories, Issue 2, a design that has the pattern already written, but I am still waiting for the actual yarn. Coming from the UK, it has me waiting, and waiting. I am sure it will be worth it. Stay positive Renate.....the seelenwarmer jacket will be mostly stockinette stitch, but with a wide 2-color brioche shawl collar. Stunningly simple and cozy, perfectly timed for an October release.

What could possibly be next?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Texture Knitting

Last Year, one day in January ( I don't remember exactly which day it was ) I had decided to make a new vest for my husband Ruben. I searched for some good warm wool and knitted along, just nicely. It did not take long at all. The vest had some knit/purl patterns in it, not much to post about.

I have to say 'had' because after the first wash ( now here you need to know that Ruben washes all clothes ) the vest has shrunk so much that even I could not wear it anymore.

Time to make another one, a promise is a PROMISE.

For the next version I had a different idea. My ideas just come out of nowhere and, lucky for me, I have the time and yarn to translate the idea into something wearable.

The next vest was smarter, had a texture to it and some cables.
He calls it 'Elvis' because of the collar.

This little vest has become a basis for a few of my recent published patterns.

The cables and collar design is mirrored in the sweater named Turfside.

It is published by knitpicks as part of the Crossings collection.

Single pattern link: Turfside

Crossing link: Crossings Collection

BUT WAIT, there is more!!!!!

I liked the way this simple textured panel knitted up. I mean, I liked the rhythmic K2 - P2 on one side, work the stitches as you see them on the other, and then switch to P2 - K2 on one side, and again work the stitches as you see them on the other. All I had to do was hang a marker on the right side of the fabric to remember if it was time to switch.
I was not the only one that liked the looks of this texture. The women that put together Laine Magazine liked it as well. In their Issue #7, released February 15, 2019 my Laemmin Vest was included.

 The entire fabric is made of these texture stitches. Knitted in one piece, from the bottom up, the vest is truly amazing, I think.

I might be biased, a little. The knitting experience is what is drawing me to make this vest over, and perhaps over.

Featuring I-cord edging on the front and the sleeve openings, and a slip stitch hem and collar, the Leammin vest is still easy to make.

I will help anyone that asks.