Sunday, June 24, 2012

Traveling as a knitter

As most avid 'knitters' would agree, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH OF A STASH!
That is why I pursue 'finding' the most intriguing yarns on my trips.
Usually on my trips to Germany I buy Regina sock yarns at my German local Phildar store. It's just a few doors away from my mother's apartment. It includes a little coffee shop where we always sit and chat. I just love their buttons. I can never resist some sock yarn, knitting needles and buttons.

This time around I gathered a few more specialty yarns visiting other stores in Europe

In Muenchen I stopped at Lanaiolo and purchased 2 strands of extreme bright multi-colored lace-weight yarn. I can already see the future scarfs, or cowls, or shawls.

- In Paris I stopped at a sore named La Droguerie and purchase 400g (they sell their yarn in weight) Kaleido.

It's 95% bamboo and 5% linen. So soft and smooth, I know the item that will be made out of this will be truly luxurious. I also bought some beads in that store. They will be used on one of the shawls made from the yarn I bought in Muenchen.

All in all the stash for this winter looks promising. Not only because of the trip, but also because before I left on vacation I visited a local Japanese church that had a yarn sale and 'found' irresistible cotton for several baby projects I am planning on completing for little miss Allison Clair Even.