Sunday, January 13, 2013

What is a scarf - part 2

Back in April last year I tried to sum-up in my blog 'What is a scarf'' and all throughout the year I have learned even more about that type of accessory.
Discovery of the terms came after I had purchased a skein of yarn in Muenchen, Germany on my trip home in June. It's Filigran lace No.1 from Zitrone. I have searched all over for a pattern for this beautiful multicolored lace weight 100% merino yarn.
I looked at cowls:
It seems like cowls are everywhere today, in stores and on the needles. I can see why they're popular - they're useful, quick to knit, and they're often one-skein winders. As Kathleen Cubley, the editor of Knitting Daily said: "A knitting trifecta if I've ever seen one". Cowls are stash busters too.
· These cowl type neck warmers are usually knit with thick yarn and would look too thin if knitted with lace weight.
· There also is the wimple. A cowl worn over the head and wrapped around the neck. There are some beauties out there. Lacy and stunning examples of knitting talent. This kind of cowl also stayed within contention for a while.
· The infinity scarf style cowl is perfect to wear as a long loop or wrapped around your neck for extra warmth. Now that would be a possibility and was considered for a while.
But once I snooped around some lace knitting patterns I couldn’t contain myself. I found my next pattern. It's the Fichu-shawl. It is published in a German magazine: Sabrina Special, S 1656: Ponchos, Tücher, Taschen published in August 2010. I immediately went on-line and purchased the magazine. Shipping it from Germany took  f o r e v e r. I thought it was lost at one point. When it arrived I was really glad I did not waste my money.
Later on I found out, I did waste my money because the pattern is free. For the pdf-download go to “Anleitung” on the Junghans-Wolle website
Long story, yes it was even a bit longer. I also discovered Tiziana Sammuri on ravelry and one day I will tackle one of her incredibly gorgeous lace creations.   
For now though I have started the Fichu-shawl as my January 'just for me' project. Every now and then the fun has to be that the creation is for me.
You might wonder, since the last entry about the little red riding hoody was also a garment for me. This one was created for producing a pattern for sale though.
The fichu-shawl is just for fun. J J The Fichu first section is complete and I don't mind taking a break before the leave pattern is knitted.

I do have a pair of socks to knit right now. 
The pair of socks is as a payback for a great thing one of my co-workers did for me. She bought all the stash of German Dallmeyer coffee the store had for me. She did not let me pay her for it. She trades and wanted a pair of handmade socks. So I am knitting 'brainless' but I have decided to knit them upside down, from cuff down to the toes.