Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My 'little red riding hood' jacket

As you might have guessed from the title of today's blog, my jacket is taking shape. The entire body is is done. The front panels the back and also one sleeve.
My current dilemma is that I am not using any written pattern and have to size and try everything before going on to the next step.
These decisions were paramount to a successful Jacket design:
  • - for the first piece, the right front section, deciding the cable design and the length of the Jacket
  • - for the left front deciding that the pattern should be knitted opposite ( the cables are starting in the opposite direction )
  • - for the back deciding the new middle cable design. I have trial knitted swatches to see what will work in concert with the front. I was only sure that I wanted to come up with a bigger diamond design that what is framing the front panels.
  • - for the sleeve there were many little decisions and it took a few days to decide:
    • how wide at the start
    • how wide at the end
    • how long of a sleeve
    • what pattern, if any
 Now that I have both front panels, the back and one sleeve completed I dare not just go ahead and knit the second sleeve. I need to loosely sew the body together and sew on the sleeve to see what it will look like.
I don't have a mannequin!
The sleeve has been done since Saturday and I am avoiding the sewing chore, I wonder why? I feel like I am stuck like a writer with writer's block.
But today, first things first. It is election day in America, after all.
Today really means so much to me, a proud first time Presidential Election voter.
I can not believe it took me 60 Years to arrive at this point in my live, better late than never.