Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ahhhh, and there are the rewards

Many knitters I know (including myself) knit because it makes us calm and provides an outlet for Art. We never really know if we are going to make 1 row or 2 of the 'other' color, if we should knit or purl, and how long until bind off. But we are going forward and 'decide on the fly', we make our Art.
Every Art has its reward, right. The reward I crave and can never get enough of looks like this:

Shelly blanket, hat and booties was a project for a good friend. Her niece was due any day and the crochet items got done, just in time.

One of the larger size Cau Cau Surfer dresses went to fiends in Japan.
you can find the Cau Cau Surfer knitting pattern in my ravelry store.
Another of the Cau Cau Surfer dresses went to my favorite little girl, miss Allison.
This was my first silk project and Allison really wears it well. Year after year
Well worth the effort, don't you think?