Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cau Cau Surfer Girl

My next adventure is called Cau Cau surfer
The test gauge and knitting pattern trial shows already how the waves will translate right into the finished garment. I can't wait to see the finished work on Miss Allison and show it all to you. So far I have the sketch of the finished dress, the knit stitches I will use and the gauge swatch. This will be a great knitting weekend!!!!

Since it is early and I am still on my first cup of coffee I thought you would enjoy to see my glamour shoots of the last design I have published. The pattern for 'My red Kimono-Hoody' is now for sale at and will be added to the store shortly.

The pictures are from a trip to the "MIDWAY" Aircraft Carrier on Presidents Day last Monday.

shot from the Idol stage were Jessica Sanchez was selected to go on to became the Idol 'runner-up'

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Fichu Experiment is done

For a few weeks now I have been wearing my finished Fichu-Shawl and it is getting compliments, and "I want one", 'My aunt would really like something like that', 'Wauw this looks great on you', and so on.

I've decided, for people that read my blog and for people that know how to connect from the project to the blog, to re-post the already 'free' pattern ( Anleitung, in German).

Here are a few pictures of the one that I have made out of the yarn purchased in Muenchen, Germany last year: Filigran from Zitron.Since the yarn is lace weight and the needles I have used were 4.2 mm ( between a 6 and 7 US size) the finished Fichu-Shawl is light and airy.  The whole shawl just feels so European, I wonder why?

I have used the one on the right , color name is

Here you can see the Pearl pattern

On a green, or black, or red, or yellow, or orange, or brown
back ground it will always impress

The wing-view

this is the best color view

The original was made with a yarn group 4 medium yarn and the finished shawl is much larger and covers neck, shoulders and then some.
The yarn makers website has the image that I fell for.

If you know German the "ANLEITUNG" is available on this website. If you don't know German, well, I might be persuaded to translate it. he he he 
Just leave a comment and I will get back to you!
Oh, what I also wanted everyone in San Diego to know: there is a small yarn store in La Mesa named YARN and THREAD EXPRESSIONS, 7882 La Mesa Blvd., that actually carries Zitron yarn. When I visited the store for the first time, just about a month ago, I found a few skeins of the Filigran lace weight in the store. I have noticed and remember. It was not the colorful version that I have used, but the yarn is available and someone might want to make this Fichu-shawl in a more green/yellow/orange version.

It is a friendly store with a wide variety of yarns. Almost every chair around the table was occupied with a knitter.