Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finishing the Checkered Past

Yes, I have finally named the hoodie "Checkered Past".
It fits the pattern and the person that will wear it. There are still a lot of finishing tasks left, but the big knitting job is complete.
I had fun using the heel knitting technique to construct the hood.
Select all the stitches around the collar, include the 8 stitches of the button band sections on both right and left sides, knit the hood up in St stitch ( both button band section continue the buyyon band pattern) in brown 10 1/2 to 11 inches.  Then divide the stitches into three sections.
Knit the middle section in green:
At the end of every row knit a green and a brown stitch together until there is only the button band left on both sides.
So now the next steps:
  • Bind off the green hood top stitches
  • finish the button band and sew it onto the hood (I have 8 stitches for the button band but left an additional stitch to use for sewing the band onto the green hood top)
  • work all the yarn ends into the knitting on the left side (using a crochet hook, as always, is really the easiest method)
  • sew on the buttons
  • make one more photo with the new owner
  • Since the use of this garment is 'in the garage', blocking is not required, ha ha ha
  • find the right 'red summery-type yarn for my hoodie' - I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO GET STARTED
In between knitting though I do have to remember that there is another creature in my house hold. Maxy keeps waiting, sometimes really patiently, sometimes not.
Either way, going for a walk with her is never boring. She explodes, just like a little terrier. She wants to be friends with every living thing out and about. What she does though is bark, bark, bark, bark ...... bark, and bark, and scare everything away. Poor Maxy!
Today is Sunday though and before I can pick-up my knitting project again I have to go to the local swap meet and 'break' Jaquina, my mother-in-law. This usually is Ruben's pleasure, but he is in Florida, so it falls onto me. I like the swap meet. It's bustling, you never know what you might find, or whom you might meet!

Monday, September 3, 2012

webecca says: Tilta Swift

If you ever get tired of unraveling a skein of yarn around the back of a chair or some one's legs you have to check out this home made gadget. It's amazing, portable and really works very well.

Almost there

All I can think of is putting the pieces together, but it is so warm I am extremely hesitant to pick up my knitting. I have so much time to do it too. It's a three day weekend. I am by myself. What better opportunity, right?

OK, I went on Ravelry yesterday and gave myself a deadline. I told everone else that I will be done with the hoody for my husband by the end of the week. That's all I have been doing and thinking about every time I have a few idle moments. Not really!!!!
I am very good at creating distractions:
- Walking Adams Ave.
- Buying a new pair of shoes
- Thriftstore hopping
- Gardening
- Doing Laundry
- Grocery shopping
- Walking the dog
- Walking the dog
- Walking the dog
- Cooking
- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
- where did all the time go?

On top of that, I miss Ruben. Hurry up Rozanna and get better soon!