Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer heat

Yes, there always is a fabulous summer in California. That is nothing unusual.
What is going on in my knitting world is just as hot as the weather though, and pretty unusual. The ever growing engagement with Knit Picks is remarkable. The new 100 % silk yarn line Luminance was introduced end of June and a call for new designs was issued.
I submitted a pattern for a vintage-looking shawl I had made for myself years ago and the pattern was accepted. So guess what:  I have the great pleasure to knit with 100 % silk in Meditation. The yarn feels super soft and the color is strikingly light blue, with hint of mint. I can't wait until it is completed and blocked. As you can see, I am knitting both halves at the same time. The marker is needed when knitting 2 pieces at once. It marks the beginning edge of the first piece right side. It helps you see very easily if you knitted across both pieces before turning and knitting on the wrong side.

I do have another design finished that was made from Knit Picks yarn Palette. It's a striped men's vest. Last Sunday morning we took a trip to the cactus park and took these pictures.
Meet Swellegance and it's features.

young hip styling......
sh, don't tell anyone the vest was made for Ruben (on the left)

Appealing to today's professional, or more to the women who want to make a vests for them.

The stripes are patterned as well and make this simple piece, stunning.

Can you believe, Ruben is planning on wearing this in the Garage to work on motor cycles?

The Pocket was a special trick. All patterns call for a Gauge Swatch. With this pattern the gauge swatch is being turned into a pocket. So you don't have knit that piece twice. The other trick and great feature of this pocket is that it has the stripes going the opposite direction than the vest which allows the pocket to be much larger. The size now can accommodate a larger phone. There also is a button to close the pocket, so the phone does not slip out, when working in the Garage, ha ha

Now I have to finish the pattern. Writing takes a little longer than knitting the sample. Writing this pattern is especially difficult because I want to make sure it can be knitted in all sizes, from small to XXL. It will also need graphics with the garment measurements for each size. All I can say is: I am working on it!

On my last blog I showed the yarn I purchased to make some shirts that can be washed and are also dryer safe. Look, the red shirt is done. It is on its way to Adelle as a present for her second birthday.
I have tried out the claim that this yarn, even though it contains wool, is washable and dryer safe. It is true! The sample I did, looked and measured the same before and after it was washed and dried.

Seriously, knitting is my passion and it is taking over my life. The retiring slowly idea has taken hold. The extra days off, are filled with my passion. I feel happy, over all healthy, relaxed and grateful to be able to experience all of it.