Saturday, August 9, 2014


It does seem like a long time since I have written in my blog. Much has been happening.
I was not feeling well for a while and it was determined that removing an un-needed organ will alleviate my constant nausea. They were right. My successful operation on July 2nd lead into a successful recovery. My doctor even ask if he could take a picture of my belly button, since it looked to well healed.

I did read a lot while I was waiting to heal....Ken Follett's Saeulen der Erde (Pillars of the Earth). It is more then 1200 pages, really heavy to hold, and it is written in German. What a treat!
When I was done with the entire book, it was time to slowly go back to work.

Before I decided to do the surgery I took on a project I call 'Debbie'. I was planning on crocheting while recovering, but that was not possible. No inspiration at all.

It has been a few weeks now though and the 'Debbie' has been taking shape:

The pentagons are just right to make this little summer jacket look luxurious!

I am glad it is weekend again and I can work on it some more. My sleeves idea needs to be made a reality, and the pentagons still need a small strip of something to be able to attache it to the side seams. The main body work is done, and I am proud of it.
Thank you god for all the inspiration!