Monday, April 21, 2014

April, April, der macht was er will

We used to say that all the time when we where kids...April, April, der macht was er will (april, april, he does what he wants). It happened very often in April that the weather turned and outdoor plans to play had to be changed. I remember many Easter Sundays with cold fingers, from holding the umbrella without gloves. It was supposed to be April, Springtime!

Now April is synonymous with Springtime Knitting. Preplanned knitting.
My little friend Allison is 2. I can't wait to have her try on the new jacket I am making for her. We are supposed to visit the Etsy Guild Market this coming Saturday together.

I am sure I can get the other arm finished and the collar added today and tomorrow. Being on vacation this week in April is the thing to do for me.
I always enjoy April. It smells different, the wind feels different, everything is NEW.

There is one more really important thing to do and that is the buttons. I think I have found the perfect choice for this April, April jacket (Maentelchen). It is called Smiley Flower from as cute as a button.

As cute as a button

Sometime this week the woman that owns this online store and I will meet. Lucky me get's to rummage through her buttons. There is another project I was working on which needs special Antler buttons. But that project will have to wait until miss Allison has her April, April Jacket.