Saturday, November 5, 2016

As time flies

I have not done enough. This thought keeps creeping into my head every now and then. I use this thought to reflect on the things I have done and if they were positive.
Looking back to the time when I wrote the last blog entry it seems, at first: I have not done enough.
Letting that thought provoke my memory for a few seconds: NOT True!

I have generated a new sock pattern. As in proper Yarn-Stube fashion, the socks were for my friend. The pattern was a side product from that. I have named them Pink Pearl, after the color of the incorporated row of pink beads.
How to bead the stitches is part of the pattern instructions
No matter how the socks are worn, cuffs up or down, the beads are visible either way.

This is the pair that went to Seattle. Made from a skein of knitpicks Hawthorne fingering yarn.

This is my pair, made from a skein of Oink fingering in bubble gum.

I also worked on a new design and am finishing up writing the pattern (sizing the vest for different sizes) for swellegance. I must declare here that Ruben has been very patient. He still is not allowed to wear the vest. Just a few more days......

You probably wonder what the new design is. 
Well, there are actually a few in my head but one was on my needles already and my thoughts keep going back to it. Knitting for me is not just to get a pattern figured out, complete the sample, photograph it and sell it. For me there always is an idea for something with a person in mind. A friend saw me working on the design and commented. She said: It is strange that I love this color so much and always have, but there is not one piece of clothing in my wardrobe made of this color. I am planning on changing that with something made from this: 

 The world would not be whole or fair if there were not a made out yarn little something for me, right. Every now and then, there is time for me. I did want to learn the really strange art of knitting in a weaving pattern. It is called entrelac. Enticed by the images in a basic entrelac knitting book, I had to try it.

And, now I wear it. The pattern is called Lornas cowl and is already published in english on ravelry. The name is simply from the yarn that was used for this small, but highly effective neck warmer. This was my first time knitting with Lorna's laces and it will not be my last. The thread is spun tight enough for the knitting to be so easy and there is not splitting, no imperfections through out. The finished cowl has a shine to it and it does warm exactly where it needs to.

 Overall, I can proudly say, I am doing it! Life, intertwined with knitting.
In the next few weeks knitpicks will be publishing Motrose and Swellegance. Just in time for the winter knitting season. Yes, I have done enough this summer!

Oh, let's not forget, it is winter knitting season and giving season. I must be working on something. You bet! Stay tuned!