Sunday, March 6, 2016

The old and the new

By know everyone knows that I work fulltime, run, cook, sew, crochet and knit.
As life is in transition, we all know it never stays the same RIGHT!, the order of things occurring is slowly changing. What is first becomes last......and what occupies us most of the time drifts into the background or completely goes away.
- I am preparing for no more working. No more driving in 18-lane highway traffic every morning and evening. That is what I now look forward to the most.
- My running has been helping me to relive the stress created by my job. Now in my 60ties I know not to expect this to be possible endlessly. Sooner or later I will have to slow down to walking.
- Cooking might be one of those activities that are on the borderline, not sure if I will be doing less or more in the coming years. If it stays the same, 3 to 4 times a week, I would be ok with that.
- Sewing has not had a grip on me for a while, but projects are piling up. The bedrooms need new curtains. The material is already in-house. I can see the days, months ahead, with my friend the sewing machine and a Netflix Season of some kind or other.
- Crocheting has my interest and with more time there will be more of that coming from me in the future. I am on the lookout for crochet charting software. Once I found that, watch out crafting community!
- Knitting, my passion. I don't think I could ever do less and can't wait to have more time for much, much more knitting, creating and sharing.

This week was very exciting for me because a ravelry group decided to offer one of my sock designs for a KAL (knit a long).The group is creating 12 pairs of socks, one pair a month. My Rozanna's socks is the March 2016 selection.

It is nice to see the effect my work has on others. The pattern is creating socks and eventually comfortable, warm feet for someone.

In the knitting world comfort and warmth are words mostly associated with 'winter knitting'. So it is not a surprise that I am currently working on a sleeveless vest for Ruben. He wanted stripes. So stripes he will get, but the Renate way.

OK, as you can see, I am busy. On a rainy day, like today I am sure the back for this vest will be done in no time.

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  1. All great news. Knitting is the best on a rainy day. Enjoy.