Sunday, May 8, 2016

So the story continues...

Spring is in the air again....I am lucky to have the chance to experience Spring Air for the 63rd time. It is a grand event, not too cold not too warm, and exciting enough to start something.
I have to start something. So I am.
- Final training push for a 1/2 Marathon in June.....I can't help it. Running makes me feel accomplished.

- Final submission to KnitPicks for my Shawl/Stole Design. See Me went live this week. Publishing a knitting design makes me feel accomplished.

- Final decision on the next children's project is made. This project is still only in my head, but the yarn has been decided. Washable, dryable, that was the main requirement this time. Bergere de France, Ideal delivers. I can see it now, the A-team with lace tops, playing in Seattle.


- Final touches are worked on my latest sleeveless vest for Ruben. The V-neck stitches were completed last night. Now it just takes time to knit the second front panel and sew it all together. It never is as easy as it sounds, though. For this vest I want to incorporate a pocket that will hold a 'smartphone'. We all know that the size keeps growing and with size comes weight, and with weight comes the challenge to keep the pocket from stretching when the phone is inside it. Should I perhaps try the sideways stripes instead of horizontal stripes, or what if I make a pocket out of ribbing used when you want a nice snug fit, same as the border. I am most assured by my brain cell's that this problem will be solved TODAY!
So stay tuned, the results will be shared with you.

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